​Women and Leadership Course 2019-20
19 December 2018 by Cara Butowski

​Women and Leadership Course 2019-20

An opportunity for stimulating, challenging and enriching postgraduate study at The Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham

Working with skilled and expert theologians and practitioners, leading to the award of a Post-Graduate Certificate in Theology and Transformative Practice from Newman University.

This course is aimed at those in Christian ministry keen to develop and enrich their leadership skills and increase their knowledge of recent theological scholarship and learning around gender and leadership. The course consists of two modules:

Transformative Theologies of Gender:

Taught over 5 days (3 April, 29 April, 16 May, 23 May, 21 June) by Professor Nicola Slee and colleagues, this module will consider recent feminist approaches to:

  • the interpretation and authority of scripture, and implications for preaching;
  • the contours and boundaries of tradition, and what this means for the
  • affirmation of women’s lives and traditions in the past;

  • understandings and practices of liturgy and prayer, and implications for leadership of worship;
  • notions and practices of spirituality, with particular reference to embodiment and socio-political engagement;
  • notions and practices of religious
  • identity, as exemplified in feminist spiritual communities such as ‘Women church’, and how these might enrich ministry.

    Transformative Christian Leadership*

    The course looks at the dynamics, challenges and contemporary questions in Christian Leadership, drawing on and in dialogue with a variety of perspectives and sources, including:

  • The recent FAOC report
  • Feminist and Womanist approaches to and understandings of leadership;
  • The particularities of ecclesial leadership today, and in our current situations;
  • Wisdom from theologians and practitioners about collaborative and distributive forms of leadership;
  • Voices in modern secular culture concerning the tasks of leading others amid change.
  • *Or an alternative module, dates to be confirmed

    The 2 modules, leading to the PGCTTP, are offered at a 50% discount to any ordained/ authorised woman minister at a total cost of £960.

    An exhibition of Caroline McKenzie’s Christa sculptures (the feminine aspect of Christ) will be timed to coincide with this module, and students will have the opportunity to engage with the artist. A 2-day conference on The Faith Lives of Women and Girls will precede this module (26-27 March) and may be of interest to those wishing to sign up for the course. See http://www.queens.ac.uk/events/faith-lives-of-wome...

    Those who complete the course successfully may continue studies towards completion of a Postgraduate Diploma or M.A.

    For further information contact Professor Nicola Slee at sleen@queens.ac.uk

    For booking info, contact: admissions@queens.ac.uk (0121 454 1527)

    Open afternoon for enquirers: Thursday 28 February, 1pm – 3.30pm

    The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Somerset Road, Edgbaston,

    Birmingham, B15 2QH, UK. +44 (0)121 454 1527