Perceptions of Christianity from people of different faiths
2 January 2019 by Cara Butowski

Perceptions of Christianity from people of different faiths

In his new book Richard Tetlow puts forward the case for mutual, loving relationships as priority for human well-being in our British multifaith society. 

Richard shows how Christians can listen to and learn from others about themselves for common benefit. He analyses perceptions themselves, including perceptions of God. He challenges traditional Christian theology, structures and worship. Throughout, he asks questions in search of meaning, sincere faith and honest personal experience, both religious and non-religious and seeks recognition of the unity and diversity of all Life. Finally, he suggests ways forward.

Richard Tetlow, previously inner London social case and community worker, university lecturer and Birmingham Ladywood inner-city vicar, 1989-2008; now a trustee of Progressive Christianity Network (PCN Britain) and convenes PCN Birmingham and two Birmingham interfaith groups.

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