Thy Kingdom Come - 30 May–9 June 2019
4 March 2019 by Liz Dumain

Thy Kingdom Come - 30 May–9 June 2019

As you may know, Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement inviting Christians around the world to commit a special week to pray for more people to come to know Jesus.Many parishes participated in Thy Kingdom Come last year, finding it an inspirational opportunity to focus their regular cycles of prayer, hold special prayer events such as 24-7 prayer, set up prayer stations, put a prayer tree at the back of church or organise a prayer walk etc.

Thy Kingdom Come offers an opportunity to focus prayer around our Transforming Church goals together. With so many congregations committed to growing their relationships with children, young people and their families (goal 4), Thy Kingdom Come 2019 could be a great time to pray particularly for children and young people across the Diocese and in your local community.

One of the ways you could do this is through prayer walking in your area. If this is something that you are interested in we have developed a simple resource that you can use to help you plan a short (or long!) walk which you can use to pray as an individual or with others. If you are interested in the resource please email Helena Moss here -

Mike Down also produces a monthly prayer resource to help you pray for local schools which can be downloaded here.

In the build up to Thy Kingdom Come and during the week itself there will special editions of our prayer email ‘Fuel’ to inspire and encourage prayer. If you have not yet signed up to Fuel: you or others in your congregation can do so here.

On Wednesday 10th April Mike Down is hosting the National Thy Kingdom Come team who are offering workshops that you might be interested in as you prepare for Thy Kingdom Come 2019. One will be in the afternoon, the second in the evening. During this free, 2 hour workshop you will be able to explore simple and creative prayer activities for churches, families and young people that will suit a variety of worship and prayer styles. It’s for everyone who wants to be involved; church leaders, clergy, lay people and prayer coordinators. For more information email Mike Down:

If you are interested in finding out more about Thy Kingdom Come nationally:

There is a film here.

There are resources on the website here.

CPO have resources here (if you would be interested in any of these resources but are not able to cover the cost, do please get in touch: we may be able to help.)