​P&P update
5 March 2019 by Fiona Handscomb

​P&P update

Back in January we shared the good news that The Church of England Strategic Investment Board was very impressed with the radical nature of our People & Places (P&P) plans and have awarded us a grant of £5 million to deliver the People & Places programme. The P&P Strategic Programme Board are currently liaising with the Church Commissioners regarding how the funds will be allocated within the programme and we will keep you updated.

We are pleased to announce that Gary Killeen joins us this week as the P&P Programme Manager. Gary can be reached at garyk@cofebirmingham.com.

By the end of March each incumbent and wardens will receive a letter which will outline the next steps the Bishop is encouraging parishes to take in P&P and for which we are offering support. This will include a final version of our ‘PCC Notes’ which were shared at the recent clergy day, information about how clergy can access a vocational meeting with one of our Bishops, further information about prayer and wellbeing support for clergy and leaders, and an outline timetable for P&P for the rest of 2019 and early 2020.

Media coverage

You may have seen a feature in the Church Times about P&P. Unfortunately the headline and the first sentence are inaccurate; there is no intention to ‘undo the parish system’ or make parish boundaries ‘disappear’. Our intention with P&P is for better supported, more focussed and sustainable parish ministry, making sure the diversity of our parish contexts is recognised and resources shared more fairly. The article includes an interview with Archdeacon Simon who explains more about the thinking behind some of the more strategic and structural elements of the framework. Meanwhile, Fiona Handscomb, the Director of Communications spoke to Premier about the lay ministry and ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ elements of the programme. In April, Bishop David will also be writing a profile for the Church of England Newspaper talking about P&P.

Dates for your diary

We are hosting two sessions for PCCs to help each PCC have conversations about P&P together and with others:

  • Leading a P&P Conversation: Tuesday March 26, 7:30-9:30
    An evening for clergy and lay leaders to help prepare you for leading a P&P conversation with your PCC and church congregations. To find out more and to book a place please contact Jenny Harris: jennyh@cofebirmingham.com.
  • The Big P&P PCC Day Out: Saturday 18 May, 9:30-4:00
    An opportunity to bring your whole PCC and have the P&P conversation together with others. The day will also be a chance to reflect on how your PCC works and a great opportunity to help induct new members. Details to follow.

Resources on the website

The P&P area of our website now has a Resources area where you can find videos, booklets, papers and other resources to help you understand and engage with P&P. There will be more resources added to this area over time as the programme develops.