Malawi Update: ways of supporting Malawi  following cyclone Idai
1 April 2019 by Paul Bracher

Malawi Update: ways of supporting Malawi following cyclone Idai

News is continuing to come in from southern Malawi following the devastating floods. As a result here is an update on how people in Birmingham Diocese can respond. Once again three suggestions:

  1. Keep praying! Here is another prayer you may wish to use; this one is from Bangladesh: 
    `Lord of the storm, to all who live beside dangerous seas and on the banks of unpredictable rivers, grant peace of mind and the assurance of your presence in each and every circumstance that may befall them.`
  2. Send needed items on the next container lorry. Normally Birmingham`s container lorry journeys to Malawi through Beira in Mozambique. Slightly surprisingly, the news from the agents in Beira is that this should still be possible. So the lorry is still scheduled to leave Birmingham on 18th May. And people in Malawi continue to confirm that the following items would be really helpful:
    cooking utensils, plates, buckets, clothes (for adults & children), blankets, sanitary items and toiletries, basic first aid, exercise books, pencils, pens, rulers, reading books
    Many of these items are always needed but particularly now as many were lost in the floods not least when people`s houses collapsed. So clearly the more items such as these we can send on 18th May, the better. For further information on the container lorry please contact Denese Ryan ( or Paul Bracher ( For full details, please see the Malawi pages of the Diocesan website.
  3. Please click here to view an appeal from the Diocese of Southern Malawi (the worst hit Diocese). The Malawi Task Group has already decided to give an immediate grant of £1000 towards this appeal. Some parishes have also begun to send in money specifically for DSM and obviously this is being sent to the Diocese as well. In addition the Anglican Alliance has offered to help the Anglican Church in Malawi produce a co-ordinated appeal for the whole of Southern Malawi. As soon as this appeal is received, this will also be posted on this website. Assuming receipt within the next 10 days, the Malawi Task Group has also decided to give an immediate grant of £5000 towards this appeal (in addition to any moneys sent in by parishes). So individual parishes wanting to respond to the situation in Malawi can therefore choose whether to support the DSM appeal or the anticipated co-ordinated appeal. Or they can simply trust this decision to the Task Group. All moneys received by our Diocese in response to the floods will be used for one of these two purposes, unless the anticipated co-ordinated appeal is not received, in which case we will advise further at that point. Meanwhile, those parishes with partner parishes in the Diocese of Upper Shire and the Diocese of Southern Malawi can of course continue to enquire of their partners whether any specific aid is needed. And giving through other agencies such as Christian Aid obviously also remains an option (click here to see the earlier post for details).

Thank you for your continuing support

Paul Bracher
Malawi Partnership Officer