Flex  - a new learning pathway
2 April 2019 by Emma Sargeant

Flex - a new learning pathway

Flex is a new learning pathway for all those Cheering, Praying or Doing youth work. Everyone has different circumstances of life and situations they come from that can sometimes make learning a challenge. Some people have too much time, some people don’t have any time at all, and some people have unpredictable work patterns so their free time is unpredictable too!

Flex provides a solution that gives everyone the opportunity to go on a learning journey that suits them perfectly.

FLEX is a learning tool made up of five pathways or streams which allows you to tailor make your own learning package to suit you and your lifestyle.

There are over 70 modules to choose from in five pathways: Core, Nuts & Bolts, Thinking Faith, Living Faith and Digging Deeper.

For more information about FLEX or to sign up to the pilot, launched on the 25th March or register interest in the full launch in October click here.