Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission
28 May 2019 by Fiona Handscomb

Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission

Nothing about us, without us, is for us...

Last year,  Thrive Together Birmingham facilitated Birmingham's Poverty Truth Commission. The Commission brought together a group of people with lived experience of poverty with a group of people with influence in our city to listen to each other and build relationships. The voice and experience of those living at the sharp end of poverty is often missing from discussions and decisions made about poverty, so the Commission aimed to bring the stories and experience of those in poverty to the fore, so that, through these relationships, those in positions of influence would be encouraged to operate differently in their sphere.

Have a look at the film below to find out more: 

A Window On Our Conversations

Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission reportThe Commission also produced a Report, which includes snapshots of conversations that took place as part of the Commission, information about the themes they focussed on (education, mental health, housing, the asylum system and others) and the impact of the Poverty Truth Commission. 

You can download the report here. Or contact us if you'd like a hard copy. 
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