​Intercultural Mission Seed Grants
28 May 2019 by Sharon Prentis

​Intercultural Mission Seed Grants

Do you have a good idea you need funding for?

Church of England Birmingham wants to encourage everyone to be missional and reach out to new people. As part of this we are giving members of Church of England Birmingham the opportunity to apply for a small amount of seed funding to make their own ideas for mission come alive.

So what are we going to fund?

  • Everything we fund must be missional (so it does not benefit just those in the church already).
  • Your activity must be intentional about developing relationships with different groups of people.
  • You should be targeting your activity at:
    • Those with little or no faith
    • Or those who want to grow deeper in their faith
  • You must have a clear outcome in mind for your activity. This means that by running the activity you know what you hope will be achieved.

We have £2,000 a year for this fund. People can apply for up to £100 for their idea. You need to be a member of Church of England Birmingham and 18 years old or over to apply. You will also need the support of your church / group leader. We would also expect the activity / event to be completed within 4-6 weeks of the award of this funding. Due to our limited funds not all applications will be able to receive funding. Please contact Sharon Prentis SharonP@cofebirmingham.com