Introducing.... The Studio
28 May 2019 by Fiona Handscomb

Introducing.... The Studio

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We are delighted to let you know that we have three new starters who have recently joined our  Communications Team. They are (pictured, from left to right): 

Chris Keenan - Film Maker (part time)

Chris is an award winning film maker and cameraman with over 15 years industry experience, shooting documentaries, short films and music videos. The best thing about his job is meeting new people and having the opportunity to tell their stories. His missions with cameras have seen him travel all over the world, from San Diego to Sierra Leone! When not behind the lens, he loves trying to keep up with his 40mph Lurcher!

Jenny Thurston - Production Manager (part time)

Jenny grew up in theatre and previously worked for the CofE at Coventry Cathedral, as Head Verger. She has spent a lot of her adult life production managing most things, including exhibitions, orchestras, festivals, interactive art, theatre productions, film shoots, publications, Postman Pat, and her own rather demanding cat.

Mandy Frearson - Graphic Designer (full time)

Mandy is a super creative Designer with 8 years experience in the advertising industry. She is an InDesign wizard and a Photoshop pro. When she’s not being creative, she’s mothering two young kids, baking cakes and playing board games – all at the same time!

Together they form the Studio - an exciting new development within the Communications team. Made possible by SDF funding from the Church Commissioners, the Studio focus on the visual elements of storytelling and communications. They will be a creative hub to help parish churches and diocesan teams explore and develop how they communicate visually, as well as producing stories and resources to share throughout our communities; within and beyond the Church. 

If you would like to find out more about the Studio, or have an idea that you think they could help with, please contact us: