Vigil at the Knife Angel
29 May 2019 by Fred Rattley

Vigil at the Knife Angel

Knife AngelYesterday evening, Thrive Together Birmingham partnered with colleagues from Safe Spaces and Bringing Hope to host a vigil at the Knife Angel to remember Jordan Moazami, who was killed in Harborne a month ago, and other victims of violent crime across the city.

Members of Jordan’s family and friends walked to the city centre from Harborne where they were joined by other young people and youth workers who had walked from other neighbourhoods such as Firs and Bromford and Weoley Castle and gathered around the 27ft Knife Angel.

The Knife Angel is a giant sculpture made out of thousands of knives and other weapons seized from UK streets; currently in Victoria Square.  

Around 250 mostly young people from different parts of the city came together to gather around the Angel for a very peaceful and moving hour long vigil from 9pm. They were offered free refreshments provided by volunteers from Clifton Road Mosque who were out feeding homeless people but stayed on to support our event.