​St George’s Church, Edgbaston receives a grant of £3,500
25 June 2019 by Cara Butowski

​St George’s Church, Edgbaston receives a grant of £3,500

St George’s Church in Edgbaston, Birmingham has benefited from a gift of £3,500 from Allchurches Trust to their LET THE STONES LIVE Appeal – Phase 2.

This gift as well as other equally generous grants from supporters means that we are able to carry on the successful work of restoring some of the most serious of the eroded masonry of this Grade II listed church.

St George’s has embarked on Phase 2 of its long term integrated plan to protect the interior of the building from further water ingress and to ensure the health and safety of the many worshippers and users of this much loved historic building and community facility. Phase 1 has already made safe the high level ‘at risk’ North elevation exterior stonework and we can now turn our attention to other areas which threaten the interior of the church. Work will soon begin to repair the seriously fragile stonework around the splendid East facing window and wall of the Vestry and to re-direct the overflow of rainwater from the main roof which has caused so much interior damage.

Repair and maintenance of a safe building is essential if current and expanded community use of this historic building is to continue.Apart from the Anglican parish community, the church is used by two additional worship congregations; The United Methodist Church (Zimbabwean origin) and the Debre Kidus Amanuel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, both of which have very large congregations with many young families.

All the users of the church, worship and other community groups, including artistic presenters are so very grateful for this substantial donation towards the continuing repairs and maintenance of this historic and well-loved church which is recognised as a heritage feature of the Edgbaston ‘village’.

Allchurches Trust is one of the UK’s largest grant-making charities and gave more than £16 million to churches, charities and communities in 2018. Its funds come from its ownership of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. Their grants further its charitable objectives of promoting the Christian faith and other charitable causes. Visit www.allchurches.co.uk for more information.