Dementia: Learning a New Dance
26 June 2019 by Philippa Barker

Dementia: Learning a New Dance

Eight years ago, Rose Akeroyd’s mother started showing symptoms of changing behaviour and was diagnosed with dementia. Hoping to learn more about the disease, Rose signed up to the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme and later trained to become a Dementia Champion, delivering the programme to other groups.

The Dementia Friends programme uses the image of a bookcase. As dementia rocks the bookcase, the memories fall off. ‘The recent memories at the top, for example, what I might have had for breakfast today, those are the memories that go first,’ says Rose. ‘Very often you’re left with the books on the lower shelves, which are the oldest memories. So my mom, for example, has a lot of memories of when she was at school and when she first met my dad. She’s back in the 1940s… She thinks her mom and dad are still alive.’...

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