​Subscribe: A Request from the Comms Team
3 July 2019 by Joel Wilson

​Subscribe: A Request from the Comms Team

When we create new films we upload them onto our Facebook page and these films get shared and liked and commented on. Yay! But inevitably they lose momentum.

It’s a shame to create videos about great things happening in parishes across Birmingham and then not have many people see them.

SO, we’re also uploading our videos onto Youtube and we’re really keen to grow our Church of England Birmingham Youtube subscriptions. We'd love as many people as possible (especially Brummies) to experience these videos. Every subscriber matters and adds to the momentum. A subscription simply means you’ll get a notification when a new video arrives.

During the month of June we had 836 unique viewers on our YouTube channel with many of them watching the Angels on the Walls video. It’s a fantastic example of local church-community interaction and the spirit of welcome and generosity that St Boniface Quinton wants to foster. Wouldn’t it be good if your friends and neighbours got to see more of the Body of Christ in action?

Here’s how you can help:

Many Thanks