​The Royal Maundy Service 2020
2 September 2019 by Cara Butowski

​The Royal Maundy Service 2020

Bishop David has been invited to nominate two people (one man, one woman) over the age of 70 who have given longstanding exemplary Christian service within the community to attend the Royal Maundy Service in 2020. It would be helpful if at least one of his nominations were drawn from another Christian denomination.

If you would like to suggest someone, please would you email Kate Stowe (bishopschaplain@cofebirmingham.com) by Friday 18 October 2019 with the following details about them:

  • Title
  • Full name
  • Address with postcode
  • Indication as to whether disabled access might be required
  • Confirmation that they are over 70
  • Short paragraph to explain why you are proposing this person (details will need to be shared with the Royal Almonry Office)

Of those proposed, Bishop David will then select two names to forward to the Royal Almonry Office, plus two as reserves.

Please note that the Royal Almonry Office stipulates firmly that nominees must NOT be told that they have been nominated! The Royal Almonry Office will write to the two nominees in mid-November to invite them to attend. Successful nominees will be invited to bring a companion with them but the Royal Almonry Office does not need details of companions at this stage. Nominees and companions will need to be well enough to travel.