Altarpieces feature in Truly Bright and Memorable Exhibition
30 October 2019 by Cara Butowski

Altarpieces feature in Truly Bright and Memorable Exhibition

Glorious altarpieces by Renaissance painter Jan de Beer go on show at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham this autumn.

Famed in his lifetime and for several generations after his death for his stylish and elegant paintings, Antwerp’s Jan de Beer (c. 1475 – 1527/28) created dazzling altarpieces that appealed to churches, copyists, patrons and collectors. But his star then waned until the 20th century, when experts and connoisseurs begun to re-evaluate his significance and his work. The exhibition Truly Bright and Memorable (25 October – 19 January; free admission) focuses on the Barber’s own exquisite, double-sided altarpiece featuring The Nativity and the Apocryphal tale of Joseph and the Suitors, and brings together for the first time all his paintings and drawings from public and private collections in Britain.

For more details about the exhibition, and a host of workshops, talks and other exciting events, plus booking, click here.

The Barber Institute is producing appealing paper flyers promoting the exhibition and would love to send churches a quantity (suggest 100 copies) to display on info tables at the back of your church for congregation members and visitors to pick up. If you can help the Barber promote what promises to be a delightful and fascinating small exhibition, please contact or 0121 414 6993 / 2946.