Space for prayer
30 October 2019 by Cara Butowski

Space for prayer

The Chapel at St Michael’s, Hall Green, had been fallen into disuse. The church congregation worked over two years to re decorate, repair the lighting, new carpet and more to return this prayer space to use. We then wanted to open the chapel to the local community. Joining the Small Pilgrim Places Network has helped the congregation open our church more to those who pass by.

A Small Pilgrim Places Network (SPPN) place is a space for keeping silence, encouraging prayer and making a space in a busy world. At St Michael’s our SPPN space is used by those who come as a place to stop and be with God.

There are SPPN places through out the country, St Michael's is pleased to be the first in Birmingham. SPPN fulfil their purpose of making space, keeping silence, encouraging solitude, and providing simple focus points in its own way. They have a respected identity of their own, unique and singular - with their own history, character and atmosphere, communicating something of the ‘eternal now’, while also bringing the past into the present day and pointing towards the future. Some might describe them as holy or sacred. Celts sometimes described them as ‘thin’ places. 

St Michael’s Church was opened in June 1971 as the first purpose built Anglican Methodist Church in the UK. The worship space is a hexagonal shape which is reflected across the site. The side Chapel, which is our Small Pilgrim Place is a unique prayer room – used by local people who wish to sit in a quite prayerful space in the midst of a busy outer housing estate.

St Michael's Chapel is open during the day in term time - we welcome visitors. Click here for details