​Counting church visitor numbers goes digital in the Great Church Visitor Count
5 November 2019 by Cara Butowski

​Counting church visitor numbers goes digital in the Great Church Visitor Count

The Great Church Visitor Count will analyze the difference between the number of entries recorded in a church visitor book and the actual number of visitors who pass through the door.

Churches and chapels will monitor and record the number of visitors they have over two years, with initial results of the research being released in 2020 and a full report in 2021.

To increase the range of data available, the National Churches Trust is asking churches to install their own digital counters and to collaborate in the research project. Any churches that already have digital counters are also invited to share their data with the research project.

Digital counters were installed in ten of the churches. All recorded a much higher number of visitors on the digital counters than that recorded in visitor books.

At St Lawrence church, Revesby, a remarkable discovery was made about the number of visitors to their locked church when they installed a counter at the porch entrance. Between 1 September and 31 December 2018 the counter recorded 1,729 visits compared to only 49 names recorded in the visitor book.

Any churches wanting to take part in the Great Church Visitor Count project are asked to contact Linda Patrick at linda.patrick@nationalchurchestrust.org