​Prayer for the National Crisis in Bolivia
12 November 2019 by Archdeacon of Aston

​Prayer for the National Crisis in Bolivia

CofE Birmingham has a growing link with the Anglican Church in Bolivia. It is rooted in prayer, episcopal friendship, exchange in mission and ministry and mutual cultural understanding. Bishop David asks everyone to join him in prayer for Bolivia at a time of national crisis.

Serious evidence of fraud in the presidential election in Bolivia on Sunday 20 October has led to nationwide confrontations between protesters and supporters of the President, Evo Morales, who controversially has been seeking yet another term of office. Roadblocks have prevented supplies of food and other essential goods reaching the principal cities, and violent clashes have resulted in many injuries, some fatal. Over the weekend of 9/10 November things have come to ahead, and President Morales has resigned and now believed to be seeking asylum in Mexico. There are conflicting interpretations of this as a national triumph of people power, or a USA (and others) inspired right-wing coup. Our contacts indicate that As the first indigenous president, Mr Morales has done many good things over the last 14 years, but his recent reluctance to: abide by the constitutional term limits, the OAS report on election conduct, and other policies has ended with many people, including indigenous groups, withdrawing support. The country is in a confused and perilous state.

Bishop Raphael Samuel and members of our Partner Church in Bolivia ask for our continuing prayers. Prayer has already played a vital part in the outcome so far. With Anglican participation, united prayer meetings have been held at the roadblocks, bringing the different Christian Denominations together in an entirely new way. Much is at stake, because a further breakdown of security could lead to the shattering of the Bolivian economy, as has happened in Venezuela. We need to join with our Bolivian brothers and sisters in praying for national stability and unity, that the new elections will take place, that they will be free from any suspicion of fraud and, that they will result in the formation of a government which seeks the welfare of the whole people.

"But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare"

Jeremiah 29:7