​Discipleship and Servant Leadership: What do you think really matters?
28 November 2019 by Cara Butowski

​Discipleship and Servant Leadership: What do you think really matters?

Everyone is being invited to take part in a big survey of discipleship and servant leadership between now and 30 January. Can you help shape the vision to make more, and more confident, disciples?

By looking through a list of possibilities, and feeding back on what really matters, you can help develop the support for confident disciple-making.

Guy Donegan-Cross, Director of Learning for Discipleship and Mission says, “Making disciples is our main calling in life – and we are surveying to get a better idea of what people across our area think this looks like. We are asking questions like: What is a disciple? How are disciples made? How can we encourage servant leadership? How do we equip Christians in every area of life?”

What is it?

Over the next year CofE Birmingham will renew the language, training and culture of our invitation to discipleship and servant-leadership. In order to look at this, we are seeking an idea of what we should aim at – this is what the survey is for.

It’s a list of possibilities – outcomes drawn from 23 current courses across the land. Not all are essential – but by giving feedback through the survey you can help form what really matters.

Guy adds, “This survey is for EVERYONE. The more people take part, the better. It’s quite long, because it’s trying to look at many important things, but you don’t have to be an expert…you only need a desire to grow yourself and to help grow others.”

The survey could be done as a group exercise over Advent or New Year – it’s a good reflective exercise! It will be kept open until January 30th.

To see a short video where Guy explains the survey, click here.

To see a short video in which Guy and Maverney Kettle discuss discipleship, click here.

And the link to the survey is here.

Guy says, “Can I thank you so much in advance for your input and participation in helping to shape discipleship across our area. It’s really appreciated, and you will be sent the results. In this Advent season may you be renewed in your hope and expectation of God’s Kingdom – and may this exercise be an inspiration on your journey.”