​Let's go on a journey…
5 February 2020 by Damian Herbert

​Let's go on a journey…

Have you ever taken a journey using the Google Maps app? I suspect many of us have.

If you haven’t, the process is really quite simple. Starting with two key pieces of information, where you are and where you want to be, the app accesses a vast storehouse of information about road and rail networks and real-time traffic data to present you with possible routes to your desired destination. You select your preferred route and away you go.

You can even punch in preferences that influence the route calculations —avoid motorways, avoid tolls, avoid ferries —if you’re a fan of scenic routes, saving money or…driving underwater.

Even then, the route is not resolute; as new information presents, alternative routes are offered. “Faster route now available…”chimes your navigator and you choose whether or not to change course.

The Transforming Church Action Planning (TCAP) process works in a similar way. Put simply, a TCAP is a proposed route to help your church on a missional journey from where you are to where you want to be.

The TCAP team is available as a resource to churches as they prepare their TCAP.

  • We will help you identify your current location and where you want to be.
  • We will facilitate, support and pray with and for you, as you create your own route, shaped by your values and the real-time context of your community.
  • And we will journey with you, as you implement and continually evaluate your route.
  • As part of the wider Parish Mission Support team, we are passionate about local mission and supporting churches in the work they are already doing to make Christ known.

    So whenever you’re ready, buckle up and let’s go on a journey…

    For more information and to start your next journey, please contact: Damian Herbert, Transforming Church Mission Facilitator DamianH@cofebirmingham.com