Bishop's Comment:  ​Saying Yes to Life
4 March 2020 by Bishop David Urquhart

Bishop's Comment: ​Saying Yes to Life

On Ash Wednesday I was unaware until after the service that I was ‘preaching to the converted’ at my nearest parish church. As we went home, Ash-marked communicants of all ages were already receiving materials for Discipleship and Care for God’s Creation, the twin themes of my sermon.

I expect many fellow-disciples will likewise have already taken up ideas and actions for Lent. Personal prayer, allowing God to order more of your life, transforming actions in your household, work and communities are all part of this season.

If you are stuck, it is not too late to click online #LiveLent Care for God’s Creation for a daily reading and prayer helping us to ‘rebuild our relationship with our planet and, in turn, with the God who is Lord of everything’

Deeper reflection is urgent, on what is given by God in Creation and the consequent human responsibilities. The CofE has even been presented with General and Diocesan Synod imperatives to act on Climate Change. More details of CofEB proposals for transition to net zero carbon will be circulated in due course.

My own Lent study is being guided by Ruth Valerio’s book ‘Saying Yes to Life’ (SPCK 2019) with it’s accompanying materials. Her focus on the Days of Creation (Genesis 1-2) is biblical, theolgical and intellectually stimulating, leading to deeper understanding of the fragility of our planet and the change of attitude I need in order to act towards sustainability for all.

This year of the Anglican Lambeth Conference of Bishops and their spouses faces us with the interdependence of all things. Our Birmingham preparations with colleagues from Malawi and Bolivia will include both Discipleship and the Environment. Archbishop Justin invites us to make the fifth week of Lent a time of prayer and repentance alongside our sisters and brothers across the Anglican Communion

I give thanks for the growing commitment amongst local Holy Spirit-filled Christians to maturing in Christ and serving him in God’s world.