Every deanery ‘Growing Younger’ with children and families
17 March 2020 by Liz Dumain

Every deanery ‘Growing Younger’ with children and families

“Every deanery ‘Growing Younger’ with children and families an integral part of their life and growth”

I am delighted to share that we have received funding from the Church Commissioners to support a new cohort of Children and Family intergenerational context ministers. Six CFMs will share their time between a host parish for three days a week, with a further two days given to deanery and Diocese wide initiatives. We have promised the Commissioners outcomes and outputs that are ambitious but achievable, and will benefit every deanery.

What will the CFMs do?

This new cohort draws from the strengths of the first CFMs and the Growing Younger Facilitator initiative which comes to an end in November.

CFMs will spend part of their week working with a Host Parish envisioning, developing and supporting local volunteers to grow sustainable intergenerational mission and ministry with children and families. The rest of their week will be spent working with parishes across the whole Deanery who have identified this area of mission and ministry as a priority in their Transforming Church Action Plan. This will offer opportunity for every parish in the deanery.

Who will the Host Parishes be? Following feedback from the first cohort, and the Mission Apprentice Programme; we will work with Area Deans to agree Host Parishes together. These decisions will be based on local needs and priorities identified in parish Transforming Church Action Plans. We are committed to Host parishes reflecting diversities that were been underrepresented in previous programmes. Following your feedback there will be no ‘application process’ to be a Host Parish.

Priorities for this new cohort of CFMs

We have promised the Commissioners that as a result of this Context Ministry there will be more, and more confident Christians: specifically 1200 new connections with children & families, 300 new disciples, 42 new activities started to engage children & families to help them explore faith, 12 new intergenerational worshipping communities and 120 volunteers inspired, recruited, trained and equipped and supported

Liz Dumain
Director Parish Mission Support

We will update regularly about progress, but if you have any specific questions do contact me on lizd@cofebirmingham.com