St Germain’s Community Outreach Missioner

13th August 2020

St Germain’s is an urban, diverse, inter-cultural innovative community focussed CofE church a mile or so from Birmingham City Centre. 

Over the last three months God has shaken up the way we relate to people in our parish and local community. 

That’s meant we’ve:

  • moved from supporting 20 people shielding at home to providing 5000 + meals a week into our local community
  • established an Emotional Wellbeing Counselling Support service
  • started working with displaced families housed in local hotels
  • created shared space in our church garden
  • discovered what worshipping outside our walls is like. We’re continually looking at new ways to connect people we meet every day with God, and we to welcome as part of the church family. 

We’re looking for someone up for an adventure with us and with God!  Bring your gifts, become part of our growing team, find your place in our church family and join in what God is doing here. 


In what?

A full-time 12 month appointment, focussed on connecting community with God and church with a particular emphasis on local families.

To do what, exactly?

To act in a pioneering way to develop the parish’s mission in its local context.  This involves working out from our established base to creatively consolidate, refine and extend our mission practice.  This will involve you in:

  • working with church members to articulate Christian faith with confidence
  • integrating as appropriate the church’s volunteer outreach and social action teams into a broader mission strategy
  • supporting the needs of the local community
  • working with people of all ages and backgrounds in the parish
  • becoming a member of the staff team and working alongside volunteers, paid staff, and the vicar.

And be responsible for?

The Mission Outreach Worker will:

  • work with Rev Sarah (the vicar) and St Germain’s outreach team to develop the church’s mission practices
  • assist in co-ordinating the activities of the church’s volunteer outreach team
  • undertake personal development training as required
  • be a member of the Church’s staff team (Vicar, Church Manager, Emotional Wellbeing Manager, Transitional Development Manager)
  • meet for line management meetings

The Mission Outreach Worker will collaborate with the Transitional Development Worker to:

  • support existing volunteer teams in re-establishing community outreach activities in the light of the church’s learning through its COVID19 community response.  These include Stay & Play, Place of Welcome and the gardening project
  • identify appropriate additional or alternative activities which support the COVID19 client group
  • maintain and develop partnerships within the local community, schools, statutory and voluntary groups
  • ensure that the church’s policies and procedures are applied and maintained
  • deliver operational management as required

The Mission Outreach Worker will support the Transitional Development Worker by:

  • assisting in transitioning our existing COVID19 projects into longer term sustainable activities
  • developing and executing an effective communications strategy

The postholder is required to be a person of strong Christian faith and to be in sympathy with the ethos of the Church of England (this is a genuine occupational requirement as spiritual leadership within the parish is a fundamental component of the role).

Diversity and inclusion are more than just words for us. We speak over 18 different languages in our church family and long to be a church family that’s the right fit for every person in our community. We have a global, multicultural community and we want to reflect that in our congregation, staff team and worship style.

The postholder will become immersed in the life of the church community at St Germain’s, initially as a member of its on-line worshipping community and the communities emerging from its outreach activities.  This requirement will be adjusted by agreement with the vicar as the church transitions from its current on-line life and the shape of emerging communities becomes clearer.

There is scope for the post holder to exercise their personal gifts and become more involved in the church’s worship life as it reshapes to respond to what is happening.

Salary £20,000 for a 35 hour week

If you are interested in exploring more please contact the Vicar Sarah Hayes for in informal discussion by either calling her on 07891 136654, or booking in to a zoom conversation by emailing Sarah.