Carbon emissions in CofE Birmingham

30th May 2022

In the past couple of months, the first annual carbon emissions reports have been published by the Church of England and the Church of England Birmingham, to gain estimates of our current energy use as we all work towards the target to become net zero carbon by 2030. Both reports are available here:

CofE Energy Toolkit Report

CofE Birmingham Carbon Emissions Report

The national report shows that CofE Birmingham gathered more energy use information across church buildings, schools, housing and other buildings than any other diocese. 49% of churches in CofEB submitted usable information through the Energy Footprint Tool last year, which was the fourth highest submission rate among all dioceses. Thank you to all churches for engaging with the Energy Footprint Tool and allowing us to gather such useful information.

The total estimated net carbon emissions for church buildings and halls in CofEB in 2020 was 2,900 CO2 tonnes. This provides us with a really useful baseline figure which will hopefully start to decrease over the next few years as church buildings become more energy efficient through operational changes and building interventions, as well as an increase in churches switching to renewable energy tariffs.

The chart below depicts the percentage of energy use across CofE Birmingham for the different types of building that fall within the net zero target. The CofE Birmingham Net Zero Environment Group is currently developing an action plan that will set out how to achieve net zero carbon for all of these buildings by 2030.

If you have any questions about net zero carbon and your church, please contact Ben Smith, Care of Churches Officer.