Church partnerships survey

15th August 2018

Demos is a charity based in London that conducts research with the aim of influencing the Government.

We're working with the Good Faith Partnership to conduct a piece of research exploring church social action. We are particularly interested in exploring partnership working between churches and non-Christian organisations (including businesses, other faith groups, charities, local authorities, schools and other public sector organisations) for social purpose.

Many churches are doing extensive community work for social purpose - from food banks, to youth clubs, to financial advice and many other things. For these projects, they often work with non-Christian organisations, such as local authorities, businesses, charities or schools.

Our report will look at partnership working, the partnership projects that churches are already doing and how they can be better supported in their work. We are collecting responses from churches through this survey. 

Please click here to fill in the survey, it should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.