First Bishop's Youth Synod

1st April 2018

Bishop's Youth SynodLast month, 15 young people and youth workers from parishes across the Church of England – Birmingham came together for the first Bishop's Youth Synod. It was an extremely exciting day, packed full of lively conversation and digging deep into the question of what God’s heartbeat was for young people in our great city.

After getting to know one another, Bishop David introduced the Synod explaining how much he valued young people’s views and what an exciting opportunity this was. The young people then took part in a range of games, activities and discussions around what they felt about their faith and their different church contexts. The new Youth Synod responded to a variety of questions raised by members of Bishop’s Council that included: ‘How does technology and social media play a role in your journey as a Christian?, ‘Who is Jesus Christ for you today?’, ‘As a young person, what most excites you about involvement in church and what most turns you off?’ and ‘In what ways can young people contribute more to the leadership of your church and what is needed for that to happen?’ In response, the young people shared a range of wise and insightful comments that inspired, challenged and encouraged.

Bishop's Youth Synod

After a pizza lunch, members of the Youth Synod were tasked with listening out for God’s heart beat over the next few months and bringing these ideas into action through their new Synod.

Bishop David said: “We had a great day of sharing some of our ideas, some of our selves and some of who God is. I am really looking forward to hearing what God’s heart beat for young people is across the city.”

We’re so excited by this new adventure and grateful for this group of faith-filled young people and the opportunities they have to make a real impact across our city region. If you or any young people you know are interested in getting involved please contact Emma Sargeant, Growing Younger Youth Project Manager, on [email protected]

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