Installation of beautiful new font cover at Coleshill Church

19th January 2021

An artist who paints pictures with scalpel and wood veneers, has made and installed a new cover for the centuries old font at Coleshill church.

“Living Water”, in marquetry with hand carved leaves and stones, is the work of Victoria Walpole, daughter of a former churchwarden. Her cover takes the form of a shallow bowl with fenestrations which reveal the inside of the font. 

The 12th century font, finely carved in Caen stone, is a major attraction in the church. 

The cover includes fish swimming by a waterfall in the baptismal stream, hand-carved leaves at the side of the stream or floating with the current, and pebbles. It has green credentials: the ivory used in the waterfall came from recycled piano keys. Lots of wood offcuts were used, too.

The Prince of The Wales had a sneak preview of parts of the cover when he visited Robinson-Gay, asking Victoria when it would be finished. Victoria has written to him to say it was finished.

Vicar the Rev Nick Parker, said: “I was thrilled with everyone’s response. The more you see it, the more there is to see.”