Letter to a Trafficker

30th August 2022

Letter to a Trafficker is a spoken word piece, written by Sarah Turner, Thrive Together Birmingham, which offers an alternative perspective on praying for an end to human trafficking. It is an imagined conversation with a trafficker which ends with a prayer. Sarah writes,

"I wrote it while at a Christian festival, having listened to someone from Tearfund asking churches to pray for an end to trafficking in villages in Nepal.  I was trying to grapple with what it means to pray for an end to trafficking and I realised that if I wanted to pray for an end to trafficking then it was not enough to pray for victims and survivors only, but that I had be willing to pray for traffickers too. This led me down a conflicted, emotional train of thought and prayer that led to this piece.

The piece wrestles with the question: ‘What happens to a person that means selling human beings becomes normal?’ and imagines potential answers. It also explores how violence and abuse as a way of life that slowly destroys a person’s humanity. I wrote it while at the Wildfires Festival which, as the name suggests, has fire as its theme. The prayer in this piece was influenced by that and has a fire motif running through it too, a holy fire of justice.  

My hope for this piece is that it might be a tool to encourage people to pray for an end to trafficking; to try to engage with the difficult task of praying for the perpetrators, as well as, of course, continuing to pray for victims and survivors too."

This spoken word piece has been developed into a short film, which you can watch on CofEB YouTube chanel, or click below.