New Christian Communities

26th January 2021

Simeon Jarvis has been appointed Pioneer Evangelist in Langley (Sandwell,)  joining Val Legg in the new Centre of Mission established by Church of England Birmingham and Church Army.

Simeon and Val will be working amongst local people disconnected from church, helping them to discover the joy and freedom of faith in Jesus, to build Christian community, and to make a difference in their neighbourhoods.

In recent years Simeon has been a manager with a local logistics company.  His interests are keeping fit through cycling, running and working out at the gym.  He is particularly passionate about helping unlock the potential in young men, helping them into work and out of unfortunate circumstances.  He loves to see people receive revelation of who God is and to help guide the process. 

Simeon is a local boy.  Having grown up in Langley, he currently lives in Wednesbury with his wife Paige and their 4 children. They will be moving back to Langley in the near future.