​New Historic Places of Worship Support Officer

20th August 2018

The Property Department have appointed Ben Smith as Historic Places of Worship Support Officer (PoWSO) for a 3-year term part funded by Historic England.

Ben brings a wealth of experience from his previous role as PoWSO at the Diocese of Peterborough and from his time as Business Officer at Historic England. At the Diocese of Peterborough he helped guide many churches to identify sources of funding, provided assistance in developing large scale grant applications for churches and created a database about the fabric condition of all 370 Anglican church buildings.

In his new role at Church of England - Birmingham, Ben will be giving direct support to PCCs in planning the maintenance and development of listed church buildings, including making applications to grant-giving bodies such as the Heritage Lottery Fund to finance the work. Ben is also reviewing the church building fabric survey data as new inspections are carried out, so the cost and condition information for each building will remain current.

Although around 20 churches have been identified by Historic England as a priority over the next three years, Ben and other members of the Property Department will advise other churches where possible on grant applications and management and development projects for church buildings.

To contact Ben click here or call 07741146105.