Pathways for Discipleship

12th February 2020

Seven opportunities in March/April to learn about the renewed pathways for discipleship and servant-leadership coming in September 2020.

A renewed journey of discipleship will be running across Church of England Birmingham from September 2020.

The aim will be to equip all people to grow, as Bishop David says, as “more confident disciples” in all of life, and to develop the character and skills of servant leadership.

Building on 3D, conversations across the diverse contexts of CofE Birmingham, and the results of a diocesan-wide survey of discipleship and servant leadership, it will offer a flexible and modular approach to support the formation of disciples. Four modules are taking shape called “The Way of Discipleship” and one called “The Way of Servant-Leadership”.

All five can be done in one year, or over a longer period.

They will be as accessible as possible, drawing on the experience of local people, facilitated by local tutors and also all available online to be used in many different contexts.

There will be seven evening events in March and April to introduce the new pathways. The evenings will cover their content, method and ethos. (See dates below)

“I hope anyone who is interested in growing in their own discipleship, and in developing others will come and find out about these renewed opportunities,” says The Rev Guy Donegan-Cross, Director of Learning for Discipleship and Mission.

“Our recent survey showed there is a genuine hunger for information that shapes our experience, character and knowledge. These new modules will be informative, but also be about modelling the life of faith, and being equipped to serve every day.”

“I hope there will be lots of people who have taught and facilitated discipleship in the past who will be motivated and envisioned to join in with these “Ways”, and perhaps some new folk too.”

Entry to the introductory events is free, and each will last no more than 90 minutes. There will be an opportunity to offer input and feedback as well as to learn more.

If people are unable to attend an event but would like to know more, information will be available on the website, or please contact Rev Donegan-Cross at [email protected]

From Bishop Anne

These new pathways are being offered to help shape the lives of those who want to deepen their everyday faith and grow in Christian service in their Sunday to Saturday lives. They will offer a way of learning, growing and being formed together, which aims to work with the variety of people’s lives and experiences. They will support the Church of England Birmingham’s vision of a Transforming Church which is about transformed lives and communities. My prayer is that these new pathways will contribute to a renewed culture of discipleship and mission. Rooted in the five marks of mission and looking to the work of the Holy Spirit among us, I pray they will encourage many to grow in both their faith and witness, and to bless in Christ’s name the communities they serve.

Dates of events: (All 7.30-9pm)

Monday 9 March  St Barnabas, Erdington

Thursday 12 March  St David, Shenley Green

Monday 16 March  1 Colmore Row

Tuesday 17 March  St Peter & St Paul, Water Orton

Thursday 26 March  St Alphege, Solihull

Monday 20 April  Polesworth Abbey

Wednesday 22 April  Holy Trinity, Smethwick