People and Places

6th May 2020

People & Places is our new framework for mission and ministry in the Church of England Birmingham. It guides our operations, enables our leaders, and helps all of us  live out our vision  for “growing churches at the heart of each community”.

The traditional model of single churches led by a single 'vicar', is not solely sufficient to serve the people of our diverse, urban and rural region.

People and Places aims to enrich and expand our pool of available ministers, ensuring all our communities have lay and ordained leadership. By discerning, calling, training and supporting a range of ministers every Christian community will have a trained leader, some of whom may be clergy people, who is the focus for a ministry team. This team encompasses the range of required roles, as identified by expression of church. Leadership and resources are no longer only allocated by parish boundaries. Our clergy will still have a vital role to play bringing their gifts in different ways, perhaps in oversight of several communities, or in a specialist sector ministry. The new framework enables them to be shared more fairly across all our worshipping communities and form a supporting network.

It is a model than enables growth, recognises and equips all God's people to be capable disciples and leaders. It allows us to be fair and generous in our distribution of resources and for a sustainable future to be built for all the people and places of Church of England Birmingham.

People & Places team update - Programme Support Officer

We are delighted to announce that Bev Heritage has joined the team as the People & Places Support Officer. Bev brings a wealth of experience which will prove invaluable as we continue to roll out the P&P framework in our new deaneries. Bev will be supporting the programme in its governance activities such as administration, planning, communication and monitoring.

Bev can be contacted at E: [email protected]  |  T: 07435 996109