Reader Ministry Exploration Evening

12th January 2021

Tuesday 26 January at 7.30pm

Do you know someone who might wish to explore Reader ministry? The annual application and selection process will soon be underway to enter training in late 2021.

The new national vision for Reader ministry describes this licensed lay ministry as having three strands:

  • Teaching Faith (in the everyday as well as in small groups and through preaching)
  • Enabling Mission (through encouraging and mentoring others)
  • Leading in Church and Society (as a confident ambassador for Christ)

You can read the full vision here.
Here in CofE Birmingham this vision fits well with our Transforming Church vision and the People and Places Framework. 
The Reader Exploration Evening is intended for anyone wishing to explore, either for this year or for a future year. It is helpful if the current Incumbent is also present. To book in please email by Friday 22 January.
Catherine Grylls, Warden of Readers, is always glad to talk with anyone about Reader Ministry. Catherine can be contacted by email, 0121 443 1371 or 07566  842044.

Maggie Forknell, one of the three Assistant Wardens of Readers is very happy to talk with anyone who would appreciate the chance to reflect on whether Reader ministry might be the path which is emerging. Maggie works closely with the Warden of Readers as well as being in touch with the Director of Vocational Development.