The ​Revd Peter Haywood

18th February 2020

The Revd Peter Haywood, first vicar of St Thomas' Garretts Green, died peacefully in his sleep on 15 February aged 93. Peter was appointed Bishop’s Chaplain to develop church life and superintend the construction of the new St Thomas’s Church which opened in 1960. During this period he became involved with the Royal Air Force Training Corps, serving as Chaplain to the 2030 Elmdon & Yardley Squadron 1957-70 and Chaplain of the Birmingham & Warwickshire Wing 1964-70. He left Birmingham in July 1970 to move to the Diocese of York.

As the funeral will take place in Cumbria, we will be holding a short service at St Thomas’ on Tuesday 3 March at 2.00pm for those who wish to remember him.