Theological Reading Group 2018 - On the Freedom of a Christian

24th January 2018

It is just over five hundred years since Martin Luther put forward his 95 theses and so started off the Reformation. Since then he has often been referred to but not so often studied or read. Hence the Theological Reading Group propose to concentrate this winter on three of his best-known works which were published in 1520 before he was excommunicated in 1521: To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church, and On the Freedom of a Christian. (You can click on the three underlined weblinks to reach their Wikipedia entries and their English translations. The overall Wikipedia article on Martin Luther is also useful.)

The dates and times we shall be meeting are from 12.30 to 13.30 on
Wednesdays February 7th and 28th, and March 7th and 21st.

At the first meeting the Revd Theresa Jones will be talking about her doctoral thesis which will include an introduction to Luther.

At the other meetings we look at the texts, giving priority to “On the Freedom of a Christian” and taking in as much of the others as there is time for.

A highly readable account of Luther’s life is contained in “Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident” by Peter Stanford published last year and available in hardback, paperback and kindle.

The venue is the TTS room at the Queen’s Foundation, Somerset Road, B15 2QH (0121 454 1527). Those taking part are asked to sign in at the office near the entrance and receive directions. There is almost always parking available in Farquhar road from its junction with Somerset Road as it goes in the direction of Vincent Drive and the University. Most spaces have a time limit of one hour.

The Foundation generously allows us the use of this room for free but regrets that owing to high demand from staff and students there are no spaces available to us in its car park.

All are welcome. For further details please contact the convenor, the Revd John Nightingale on 07811 128831 and [email protected]