Four Malawian Bishops Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Malawi Birmingham Partnership
24 May 2016

Four Malawian Bishops Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Malawi Birmingham Partnership

To mark the 50th anniversary we invited the four Malawian bishops: +Alinafe, +Brighton, +Fanuel and +Francis to the UK. read

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A Global Win for a Local Vicar
11 May 2016

A Global Win for a Local Vicar

Times Now, India’s English-speaking news channel, has honoured a West Midlands vicar with its most prestigious award for Indians living ... read

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Bishop Anne's Comment: Share the Gift
3 May 2016

Bishop Anne's Comment: Share the Gift

Our archbishops have called for “a great wave of prayer for evangelism” in the week leading up to Pentecost. As ... read

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Growing churches at the heart of each community

"As the youngest urban population in one of the most lively and diverse regions, Birmingham is a great place to be. For many years churches all over the diocese have served their communities in such a way as to be recognised and valued by those outside the church structures for meeting the needs of some of the poorest people in society.

I am proud to be part of a team of clergy and lay people working tirelessly with breadth, depth and commitment in serving older people, young people, children, refugees, asylum seekers and homeless people."

Click on the links to download the relevant weeks from our quarterly publication Praying Together...

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Pray with Christians around the world:

Transforming Church is a mission initiative that was rolled out across Birmingham diocese from the Autumn of 2009. It aims to be a gift to the parishes, not an additional burden; to provide a framework for church development rather than a blueprint of how every church should look; and to start with the local church, but not finish there.

Click on the video above to hear a 10 minute interview about Transforming Church.

Click here to read more.

Click here to get in touch with the Transforming Church Co-ordinator, Revd Rhiannon Jones.

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    Four Things Brummies Can Do for Refugees

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