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Our Vision and Strategy

Transforming Church

Transforming Church is our strategy to grow churches at the heart of each community. ‘Growth’ can mean many things: more people coming to church, a deeper relationship with Jesus for existing church members or a church branching out into something new, for example. 

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Growing Younger

One of the goals of Transforming Church is for us to 'grow younger'. Growing Younger is an initiative that helps churches reach out to children and young people. 

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Shaping the Future

At the start of 2017, we began a new phase of Transforming Church, building on the good work already begun as part of Transforming Church since 2009. New resources will support four major areas for this next phase:

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Transforming Church News & Events

Appointment Announcement
14 March 2017
Appointment Announcement Paula Gooder has been appointed as our new Director of Mission Learning and Development and there are changes in role for Mark Pryce and Joycelyn Lewis-Gregory.
A Season of Invitation
20 February 2014
A Season of Invitation In 2014 there is an excellent new initiative called ‘A Season of Invitation’ being launched by the Back to Church Sunday team. Instead of holding one or a few special invitational events in the Autumn, ...