If you would like someone to pray for you the Church of England has a great website called

The website describes Pray One For Me like this:

It’s OK to pray. Many people do and about a wide variety of subjects. Some big, some small, but all important.

'By posting a prayer request here, you can be sure that it will be prayed by Christians on your behalf.

Your prayer can be about almost anything. We’ve found that the some of the most frequent topics are family and friends, thanking God, guidance, healing and worldwide problems. When you post you will be offered the chance to tell us what category you prayer falls into and you can add your own tags. But if it’s about something else, that’s fine. Your prayer is unique and it will be treated like that.

Pray One For Me has a Facebook page. Why not follow us there?

Finally it’s important to know that Christians believe all prayers are heard and answered, though sometimes not in the way we would expect.'