How is Growing Younger funded?

Piggy BankWe are very grateful to the Church Commissioners who are putting £1million into ’Growing Younger’ over three years. We have matched this with £1.2million of our own money, made possible by some clever creative thinking around our own structures and budgets. But our vision is huge and with the whole programme costing £2.7million there is a funding gap of £0.5million.

We are therefore actively seeking funding partners who share our passion.

We are praying that through trusts, grants and generous hearted individuals this project will be able to fulfil its potential. We want Growing Younger to be a best practice programme, capable of being replicated nationally, that brings a lasting difference to the individual lives of children, young people and families who discover God and meet the One who loves them in Jesus.

How much does it cost?

£19,260 pa (21 hrs/week)*

£15,486 pa (14 hrs/week)*
£10,356 pa (20 hrs/week)*
One Church Facilitation process
costs £6,549
* All costings exclude training, mentoring, evaluation, expenses and core costs.

All beneficiary parishes are challenged to further fund posts once central funding ends and experience from the first MA scheme has demonstrated this is a realistic and achievable expectation.

Can I make a donation?

YES - absolutely! Any donation you are able to give will make a difference. £0.5million is a huge figure to raise and we are very grateful for all and any contributions. Thank you.

Please see the Personal Giving page for details of what you can do, or if you are a business and wish to make a donation, please see our Corporate Giving page.