Stewardship and Giving

Generous giving is an integral part of the discipleship of Christian believers. Giving within the Church and beyond not only resources God’s mission in the world but also has an impact on our lifestyle.

Encouraging giving in a parish can feel daunting, but it need not be so. Some simple tasks can set the right climate for people to review their giving and levels of generosity. When these are done well, a number of important objectives can be achieved. Church members then:

  • Connect their giving with their faith, seeing their giving as a response to the giving of a generous God;
  • Understand that their giving enables mission and ministry, rather than simply paying the bills;
  • Feel that they and their gifts are valued by the church

However, in many of our church communities, we are reluctant to address issues around money and giving. We want to be open and honest about this area of spiritual growth and unlock the generosity of the people of God.

If your parish is looking to run a stewardship programme we have a number of resources to help you. In the first instance please contact Amanda Homer who will discuss this with you further.


Please click on the link below for more details.

Giving for Life - This provides a mechanism for parishes to review their strategy, access proven good practice, and identify priorities.

Giving in Grace - These comprehensive resources will enable clergy and lay leaders to create a culture of stewardship in the local church and release Christians to "excel in the grace of giving".

Just Giving and Text Giving - Birmingham Diocese is registered with Just Giving, an online way of getting people to donate to your parish. Under the Diocese’s “umbrella you can set up your own fundraising page for your Parish. Click here to find out how giving works. Click here for set up instructions.

A lasting gift to your Church - Once you have made provision for your loved ones, you have the opportunity to make a lasting gift to God, by leaving a legacy to His church. A gift in your will to your local church is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can continue to support its mission and ministry within your community. The Church Legacy website is a mine of information of how to raise awareness within your parish. The Church of England has launched a new short film entitled ‘A Lasting Difference’ explaining how gifts in wills can help to transform the lives of our local churches and communities. 

If you would like more information please get in touch with the office and we can discuss it further

Amanda Homer
Finance Manager - Parish Services and Outsourcing
0121 426 0414
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