Our Common Home: Caring for God’s Creation

An Ecumenical Study Course

This is a 5 week study outline for ecumenical Christian Groups. We have chosen an important subject of common concern, and have included reference to some of the many resources produced by a wide range of Christian churches and charities. Each week there is a Bible passage, a prayer, some introductory notes, a poem and suggestions for action or abstinence ie. things we might do or give up.

To download the study please click here.

Season of Creation
1 August 2018
Season of Creation We are keen to encourage churches in Birmingham to join this great wave of prayer for the environment.
​Discounts on LED lighting
28 September 2017
​Discounts on LED lighting LED Hut are giving phenomenal discounts on bulbs to Parish Buying members.
The power of sunshine 6 July 2017 The power of sunshine

How indigenous communities in the Bolivian rainforest are being transformed by the power of sunshine

​How green is your church?
6 April 2017
​How green is your church? The Parish Buying Service was set up five years ago by the Church of England, with the aim of saving churches money, time and to provide protection in the form of good contracts.