If you have any concerns about a child, a young person, an adult who may be vulnerable or someone who works for or volunteers for the Church of England - Birmingham please contact:

Bishop's Safeguarding Adviser

Steph Haynes

T: 07342 993 844

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Or download and complete our referral form below

The Church of England - Birmingham's safeguarding policy statements, including our safeguarding complaints procedure, are available here

  • Claire Wesley
    Safeguarding Training & Development Officer
    0121 426 0432
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    Contact Claire for advice about safe practice, policy, training and Disclosure & Barring Service check eligibility.

  • Steph Haynes
    Bishop's Safeguarding Adviser
    07342 993 844
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    Contact Steph for advice about concerns, allegations and disclosures.

    Sarah Rose
    Safeguarding Support Officer
    0121 426 0407
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    Contact Sarah for advice about training, including booking a training session and safer recruitment, including processing a Disclosure & Barring Service check application.