Governors and Governance

Each of our Church schools will have its own Instrument of Governance (or Memorandum and Articles if it is an Academy) and this will outline the composition of the Governing Body.

There will be on all Governing Bodies some representation from the local Church and usually governors appointed by the Diocese. These governors act - as all governors should – to ensure that the school achieves the best it can for its children and that it exercises financial probity.

The Church governors or ‘Foundation’ governors, as they are called, should also ensure that the school retains, develops, and enhances its ethos as a Church school (and the way the school shows that will depend on its context.) Although Foundation governors should be particularly aware of this, it is the responsibility of all governors at Church schools to be aware of, support and develop the Church ethos of the school.

The Diocese provides regular training for Governing Bodies and is always ready to offer advice and support.


Code of Practice for Members of a Church of England Governing Body

Governors Hand Book 2018

Application form to become a Governor