Readers’ Training
and Continuing Ministerial Education

Readers are part of the leadership team in their church and therefore there are clear links here with the Transforming Leadership strand. Readers are leaders of worship in their church communities and often have a leading role in learning events, such as small group bible studies, Alpha and 3D.

If you're interested in becoming a Reader, here's what it might entail.

Initial Reader Training

Target group: The 3D course (or equivalent) is a required first step for anyone who does not already have a Theology degree or diploma. Candidates must have support from their incumbent, PCC and parish, and must attend the selection day organised by the Warden of Readers (Martin Stephenson).

Length of course: Initial training is an intensive course, meeting weekly with some Saturdays and weekend study over a full 12 months, followed by a careful assessment process before Licensing.

Post Licensing Training (Next)

Post Licensing Training (‘Next’) runs for 18 months after licensing. It offers a flexible range of options designed to ensure that Readers give time to develop their skills of study, perception and reflection: building team skills in the parish, leading worship or preaching beyond their own parish, taking part in Readers’ CME, and extending their biblical and theological studies.

Readers’ CME (for all serving Readers in the Diocese) is a programme of three Saturday training days each year, in a rolling programme of topics which are central to Reader ministry.

Cost: There is no charge to participants for any of their training. The student or the parish pays for travel, books and robes.

Intended outcomes: Initial Training: Readiness to begin ministry as a Reader. The Ministry Division of the Archbishop’s council also issues a Reader’s Certificate to those who satisfactorily complete an approved diocesan course.

Useful Contacts

Warden of Readers

Revd Canon Catherine Grylls

Bishop's Adviser for Lay Adult Education and Training

Revd Liz Howlett
T: 0121 426 0431