Clergy & Authorised Lay Ministry

“The Church is the Body of Christ, the people of God and the dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit   In baptism, the whole Church is summoned to witness to God’s love and to work for the coming of his kingdom. To serve this royal priesthood, God has given a variety of ministries.”   CofE Ordination Services


The Church of England’s calling is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ afresh in each generation to the people of England.  All baptised people share in this calling, focused through the Five Marks of Mission and supported by Ordained and Authorised Lay Ministers.  The selection, formation and ongoing development of these Ministers is enabled through the CofE Birmingham Ministry Team under the leadership of the Bishops, guided by national criteria.  Our aim is to sustain missional, collaborative and adaptive ministry relevant to our Birmingham context.

Bishop Anne – Bishop of Aston – Sponsoring Bishop overseeing discernment, ministry and mission.

Mark Pryce – Director of Ministry – particular responsibility for ministry development and Clergy wellbeing.

Calvert Prentis – Director of Ordinands and Vocations Development – leading on vocations to authorised ministry from initial enquiry to ordination. 

Paul Hinton – Head of Ministry Formation – leading on training for Readers, Curates and Lay Pastoral Care Teams

Nick Ross & Sam Gibson – Programme Leaders for NEXT (Reader IME2)

Andy Delmege & Sam Gibson – Programme Leaders for Local Ministry Formation Pathway – leading on training for Local Ministers Ordained and Lay.

Catherine Grylls – Warden of Readers – overseeing Reader Ministry.

Sharon Jones – Lead Chaplain for Higher Education – developing ministry in Birmingham’s Universities



Mark Pryce

Director of Ministry

0121 426 0429

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