Delivering Our Vision

The vision of church of England Birmingham is to see ‘Growing churches at the heart of each community’.  We articulate what we mean by this through our nine core principles. For this season our strategic focus is to ‘Grow in number of disciples’ as only through growth will we become younger, more diverse and financially sustainable.

We have four themes in our strategy to achieve this growth they are:

  • Church Planting – Reaching new people in new ways through planting new churches or revitalising existing parishes.
  • Structure and Cultural Change – Making sure we have the right structures that enable growth, like our emerging Oversight Areas, and also the right leadership (properly equipped and supported) within these structures.
  • Parish Growth – Supporting our existing parishes to sustainably grow.
  • Sustainability – Ensuring that we can sustain this presence and activity, long term, in an ethical and just way.

These themes, and the projects within them, are overseen by the Executive Strategic Change Board chaired by the Diocesan Bishop and given a mandate by Bishops Council to lead, inspire and oversee strategic change in Church of England Birmingham.

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