Birmingham Diocesan Trust

The Birmingham Diocesan Trust (BDT) holds land and property on behalf of PCCs, along with charitable trusts and endowments where the original capital cannot be spent. It also holds some CofE schools on behalf of the governing bodies, to ensure that the sites continue in use for the provision of education.

The BDT keeps property and funds in trust for PCCs because the law does not allow them to do so in their own right. However, the BDT acts as a custodian trustee, only. The PCC still runs and develops its property and deploys funds and endowments to support its community outreach and mission objectives, but with the agreement of the BDT when formal contracts and legal agreements are needed.

The BDT is constituted by both clergy and laity with expertise in the law and procedures relating to charities and the CofE, with 6 members elected by the Diocesan Synod and 5 appointed by the Bishop. All members offer their expertise to PCCs on a free and voluntary basis and are a very helpful source of guidance to parishes seeking to buy or sell land and property and in managing their charitable funds.

The following guidance notes provide more information for PCCs on the role of PCC members as Charity Trustees, ownership of PCC properties, and BDT consent processes.

Background for Charity Trustees

PCCs and Property

BDT Consent Processes


If you have any queries relating to BDT property or land please get in touch with Ben Smith, Care of Churches Officer - to email, please click here


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