Personal Safety

The personal safety of clergy, paid church staff and volunteers – as well as that of members of the congregation and of other building users – is an important component of every parish’s Risk Assessment and Health & Safety Policy.

Keeping people safe is easier than you might think. A lot of the measures which can be taken are common sense and can be implemented at very little cost. Here are our Top Tips for keeping people safe:


  • let somebody know where you are and when you expect to finish when working in church alone or at night.
  • ensure that your mobile phone is charged up if you are relying on it to summon assistance if needed.
  • ensure that exterior lights are in good working order.
  • ensure that all church staff and volunteers are familiar with the advice contained in our FREE Personal Safety booklet.
  • remember that your life and health are ALWAYS more valuable than church cash and trinkets – even “priceless” ones!
  • ensure that your parish’s Risk Assessment and Health & Safety Policy cover any risks to Personal Safety.


  • carry out dangerous tasks, such as working at height, while you are alone in church.
  • approach someone you are worried about in or around the church grounds – call for assistance instead.
  • try using “self defence techniques” unless you have been properly trained and certified in their use.


To find out more, download our FREE guide to Personal safety in and around Churches in PDF Format. 

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