Presence & Engagement

Presence and Engagement (P&E) is the Church of England’s national programme equipping Christians for mission and ministry in parishes where more than 10% of the population identify as being an adherent of a different faith. This equates to about 80 of the parishes in the Birmingham city region.

Presence and Engagement focusses on the task of resourcing Churches in their own context and recognising their own traditions and theological approaches to engaging people of different faiths. It engages seriously with the task of mission including sharing our faith, dialogue, service and working together for the good of our communities.

A Sikh man and a Christian woman talking together

The national P & E task group have produced a number of resources for church leaders relating to ministry in a P & E parish these include advice on the use of church halls, reports on evangelism and witness and guidelines for hosting Iftar meals during Ramadan. They are all free to download on the P & E Website. They have also produced church resources in a number of different languages.

In Birmingham we have a particular focus on helping churches develop and grow their work with children and young people, equipping them to support Christian children growing up with friends of different faiths and to work authentically and effectively with children in the parish whose families adhere to religions other than Christianity.

Children and Young People

Working with children and young people has always been an integral to the life of churches. We believe that Presence and Engagement includes work with young people and children, those in our churches and others in the parish. It often involves engagement with local schools as well as informal activities and links in with family life through projects such as stay and play groups.

These pages are here to provide ideas, resources and encouragement for churches to start, grow or develop their work with children and young people in P & E parishes.


Youth Work

+ Children's Work

If you would like to receive information on training, events and other resources for those living and working in P&E areas in the Church of England Birmingham area contact Andrew Smith, Director of Interfaith Relations.

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