Self Supporting Ministry

CofE Birmingham is enriched by the ministry of Self-Supporting Ministers (SSMs) based in Parishes, Chaplaincies and Work-Place settings.  The Bishop of Birmingham encourages vocations to this form of ministry, supported by the Sponsoring Bishop, DDO and Vocations Team, and is committed to the imaginative deployment of SSMs so as to best use their gifts and thereby grow God’s Kingdom.

SSM is ministry rich, diverse and distinctive.  As Ministers without stipend, SSMs often exercise a ministry which is flexible and integrates with another professional vocation or substantial personal responsibilities.

Examples of SSM Ordained Ministers include:

  • Offering pastoral ministry to Colleagues and Clients in Work-Place settings, ministering in an appropriate way alongside another professional role such as Teacher and Educator, Engineer, Legal Executive, Administrator, Social-Care Worker or Health-Professional.  Often work-place SSMs are linked to a Parish in addition.

The term 'Minister in Secular Employment' (MSE) is sometimes used for this expression of SSM ministry.

  • Leading Parishes in a variety of contexts as Incumbent, either full-time or part-time. There are also SSMs who lead smaller Churches as Assistant Priests under the oversight of an Incumbent.
  • Serving as Associate Ministers in a Parish setting alongside an Incumbent, as part of a Ministry Team.
  • Serving as a Chaplain in an institutional or corporate setting such as healthcare or prison.   

These Guidelines offer some insights into the selection, training and deployment of SSMs in CofE Birmingham.

For further information please contact:

Director of Ordinands

Director of Ministry

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